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Don’t shut the post office, expand their services

What’s the matter with the post office? The US Postal Service, I mean – the corporate hierarchy that runs this enormously popular public institution. Yes, I know that USPS has lost… [read more] Read More

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Attacks on the USPS did not begin with the present crop of Congressional Republicans

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There have been numerous times when the free exchange of ideas by mail has been attacked. One of the most egregious was directed against the USA‘s first known direct mail campaign. The mailing organizers were not hawking credit cards, insurance … Continue reading

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The Case for a 21st Century New Deal – A Stronger People’s Post Office

September 14, 201321st Century New Deal, Post Office The United States Postal Service has always been a cornerstone of American society since Ben Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General back in 1775. That’s 238 years of continuous service to the … Continue reading


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Republicans attack the essential USPS

Ed Schultz Show on New Postal Legislation

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The movement that sings for freedom

Proponents of progressive political change lost two vital contributors this past month. Amiri Baraka and Pete Seeger shared an important understanding – that music is central to the creation, deepening, and extension of social movements. “Music is a method,” writes … Continue reading

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US Postal Service selling out workers and… America

You know what America needs? More jobs, that’s what. Not Walmart-style “jobettes,” but real jobs, stable ones with a good salary and benefits, union jobs so workers have a say in what goes on, jobs that have strong protections against … Continue reading

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Postal workers warn public about outsourcing deal with Staples

ORLANDO, Fla. – Postal workers and their allies braved the cold and rain to hold a rally here outside of an east Orlando Staples store on Feb. 8. Their goal was to educate the public about the impact on the … Continue reading

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U.S. Postal Service offers buyouts to 45,000 workers

By Emily Stephenson (Reuters) – The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service will offer buyouts this summer to nearly all of its 45,000 mail handlers, part of a plan to consolidate operations at 140 mail-processing facilities in the next year. The mail … Continue reading

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Staples Plucks Postal Jobs

Staples’ latest ad slogan is “What the L?” That sounds like what postal workers said when they found out the retail chain planned to steal their work. The Long Island, New York, local of the American Postal Workers Union didn’t … Continue reading

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