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Thinking inside the PO Box

BY MARK JAMISON On January 26, postage rates are going up — about 6 percent across the board, which means a First Class stamp will go from 46 to 49 cents.  But there’s another rate increase going into effect on … Continue reading

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Union Sportsman Sunday Show

Bucks by Day and Coons by Night Tune in to Brotherhood Outdoors for the Adventure Sunday, January 19 at 11 a.m. ET Presented by:  Often busy helping youth fulfill their hunting tags, Adam McCormick – a youth archery instructor and … Continue reading

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Now Is the Moment to Save Our Postal Commons

For some, the postal service has become an ideological punching bag, proof that “government programs” don’t work and that the state inevitably bureaucratizes services better left to the private sector. In the case of the postal service, this narrative lacks … Continue reading


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How Amazon Crushed the Union Movement

Amazon.com, like many big businesses, isn’t a fan of labor unions. In contract negotiations, organized workers demand higher wages, layoffs by seniority and sometimes threaten to strike. Amazon has successfully fended off U.S. labor unions since its founding in 1994. … Continue reading

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