Staples Campaign

Attached is a mailing that was supposed to be sent to all APWU locals, state presidents, and retiree chapters. Some, like my local, did not get a copy
It has a simple request – hand carry a letter (included) to your local Staples store and give it to the local manager.

My guess is that it is important for the campaign to have an impact, that Staples stores in as many different areas as possible receive it. It would help to do more than one store, but getting one store is a very important start.

The campaign is supposed to finish by this coming Saturday 1/18, and given the short time, please fax your report back to (202-842-4297).

Note that community allies are most welcome to participate in the campaign. Best to put the short letter onto your local or group letterhead.
We’re doing our Staples visits this week, as we had to request a copy of the mailing and got it days ago.
Dave Yao

Copy of APWU Letter

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