Try, try again: Postal Service and mailers to appeal PRC ruling on exigent rate increase

According to a short article in yesterday’s Federal Times, the Postal Service will file an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals today challenging the decision of the Postal Regulatory Commission regarding the exigent rate increase.  The article also says that “the mailers alliance” will be appealing the PRC’s ruling as well.  There’s no association with that name, so presumably that’s a general reference to the group of mailers and mailers associations that will be joining in the suit.

The Postal Service’s appeal comes as no surprise, and it was predicted here the day the PRC issued its ruling.  That the mailers would appeal as well was harder to predict, since it seemed that they had come out on the better end of the decision.  But immediately after the Commission granted the increase, the mailers started complaining and talking about a lawsuit, so it won’t be surprising if the Federal Times is right and the mailers file an appeal today too.


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